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sod_secrets's Journal

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Secrets from Son of dork fans.

Credit to ljsecret and http://postsecret.com/ for the original idea.

how to submit :: (directions thanks to hansonsecrets and bsbsecrets)

1. Design a graphic that relates to your secret using PSP/Photoshop/Paint whatever. There are good examples at bsbsecrets
2. Host the picture on a site such as tinypic or photobucket and copy the code.
3. Leave a comment on the most recent submissions post.
4. Hit the 'anonymous' user button so I don't know who you are, and paste your link into the comment box.
5. Hit submit! If you get the following message, you did it right: Your anonymous comment has been added. According to this community's settings, it was marked as screened, and will be visible only to the community maintainers until they choose to unscreen it.
6. Secrets will be posted roughly every sunday. Don't make the graphic too big but make it readable. I'll probably resize giant submissions.

Don't make secrets up, there's not really much point to it. All secrets are anonymous so it doesn't really make you look good. If you didn't really sleep with Danny, don't say that you did, ok?

Don't be nasty to other fans, that's not really the point in this community.

Secrets will be posted in mostly alphabetical order of file name.

You can comment anonymously, however, if this doesn't work and people use it to flame others, I will turn this option off.

Any questions? leave a comment on my journal xxdougie_lovexx

And have fun!